Face & Body Liquid Gold

B.O.N. Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil

B.O.N. Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil is enriched with vitamin E and contains a unique blend of natural oils such as avocado, grape seed and rose hip oils that nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

It’s a clinically proven face and body oil which sets out to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, ageing and dehydrated skin.

B.O.N Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil packaging has a fresh and clean look, which comes in an easy to open transparent spray bottle in the following sizes: 15ml, 50ml (cute travel size bottle) , 100ml & 200ml (family size bottle)

The tissue oil has a non greasy, easy absorbing formula which did not leave my hands and body feeling sticky or oily after application. It has a very light scent which was tolerable for me during the first trimester of my pregnancy (as I couldn’t handle fragrances those first few months)
it’s also safe to use during pregnancy, on infants and its suitable for sensitive skin too.

My major skin concerns were dehydrated skin and stretch marks. B.O.N Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil really moisturise my dehydrated skin and helped nourish my stretching bump.
I will definitely purchase B.O.N. Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil again as it kept my skin hydrated, improve appearance of scars and left me with no stretch marks after pregnancy (every girl’s dream) so thank you to B.O.N Liquid God Pure Tissue Oil and my great genes😊

What’s your favorite Tissue Oil? Let me know…


Pond’s Pimple Clear Review 

By Cathleen Masters

The Pond Institute boasts about the New Pond’s Pimple Clear Range, as their biggest anti-pimple innovation in 95 years! The range includes the Targets Pimple Face Wash & the Leave-On Expert Cleaning Gel. The key ingredient is their first Active Thymo-T Essence. The Pimple Clear has a Lock & Clear Technology to clear pimples, resulting in visible differences within 3 days.

The Benefits of Pond’s Pimple Clear:

  • Starts working instantly – see a difference in 3 days
  • Smoother, clearer skin
  • Helps to target pimples at their root cause
  • Helps protect skin from future break-outs
  • Proven to visibly reduce pimples

To See Best Results:

  • Use Pond’s Pimple Clear in conjunction with Pond’s Pimple Clear Leave-on Expert Cleaning Gel.
  • Leave-On Gel to be used after Pond’s Pimple Clear Face Wash.
  • Apply the gel twice a day onto all areas of the face.


First Impression of the Pimple Clear Range:

Well, in all honesty, I purchased the face wash first and used it for about two weeks before returning to the shops to purchase the Leave-On Gel.


Face Wash:

I loved the clean, fresh look of the packaging. My first experience upon use; it smelled fresh, clean and if can dare add, a very sanitized smell! A little goes a long way – which is great because the product comes in a convenient 50g/43ml tube. The product also lathers amazingly, so no need to use too much product. Definitely good value for my money!

Leave-On Gel Expert Cleaning Gel:

The gel also has the same amazing fresh and clean fragrance of the Face Wash. It took a bit of time to absorb into my skin. After applying the gel, my skin had a tingly cool sensation.


So did Pond’s Pimple Clear Range do what it claims for my skin?

Unfortunately in my case the product failed to yield the results it promised. I purchased the product in April due to a sudden breakout, mostly on my cheek and chin area on the right-hand side of my face. As you can see below:

After 3 days of use, there was no noticeable change as the product claims. I continued using the products hoping things would change after a week or two. Alas, still no change. Pimples big and small were still very visible. In fact, I feel that the products aggravated my skin more. I am not sure if it was the face wash or the Leave-On Gel, but I decided to stop using both products immediately.

I’ve read some good reviews and thought this product would eliminate my sudden pimple breakout. However, for me this wasn’t the case.

So, I had to reconsider other reasons for the breakout. One possible reason is that my hubby always tells me ‘You’re not drinking enough water and drinking way too much coffee!’. Another reason could be that I’m no longer on the contraceptive pill for a year – but could my skin yield a breakout after such a long period. The stress-factor may also be a possibility. Whatever the reason… things had to change.

I went back to basics and started washing my face with a ph-balanced soap, and every other day including bicarbonate of soda to exfoliate my skin. My skin slowly but surely yielded positive results. My conclusion is that apart from a good skin-care regime, we must also consider good healthy lifestyles habits.

Would love to hear from you. 

Let me know if you tried the product and what you thought of it.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation has a 24HR moisture hydration that leaves skin feeling hydrated; which is perfect for my normal to combination skin, but will also work great on dry skin. It also has a built in SPF 20 which is a great for daily sun protection all year round.
The foundation gives an invisible, mistake-proof coverage that visibly leaves skin looking flawless and healthier. It’s weightless, smooth texture doesn’t mask your skin tone but actually blends in with your skin’s natural tone. Its Soft-focus powders helps to reduce imperfections, enlarged pores and dark circles.

So let’s get real, this is a really good, affordable foundation that blends in very nicely with my skin tone. However by midday my T – Zone is oily (this is without the use of a primer or powder application). So I’m sure with the use of loose or translucent powder the oily T – Zone won’t be a problem.

Match Perfection has a medium coverage, with a satin finish which lasts almost whole day. The foundation has an orange undertone which doesn’t get cakey at all.

I also love the plastic pump packing, not a fan about the glass bottle tho, but from past experiences I’ve learnt to keep my foundation out of the bathroom and away from the tiles.

So yes it’s a winner in my books and I will definitely repurchase this foundation which is perfect for everyday use, I love the fact that my skin is protected by the sun, with the SPF 20 and that it Soft-focus powders which helps reduce imperfections, enlarged pores and dark circles.

Have you tried Rimmel’s Match Perfection Foundation yet? How did you find the foundation? 

Which Rimmel Foundation is your Favourite?

Feel free to comment below, would love to hear from you beauties…

Keep the Frizz at Bay with John Frieda- Frizz Ease

John Frieda – Frizz Ease

Nourishing Oil Elixir

With Argan Oil it Nourishes & Smoothes hair with 2x frizz fighting power.

This has become my go to hair product since last year…

It can be used on wet or dry hair.

I use it after a wash and before blow drying as well as after blow drying hair. 

It works great for keeping that frizz at bay.

Hair feel soft, smooth and nourished after every use.

This bottle last quite long, I have mine for about a year. So its definitely worth the price. 

Will be repurchasing this product, its a must have…

My Ultimate Lush Christmas Gift

One of My Ultimate Christmas Gifts from hubby. 

Fresh Handmade Cosmetics from @lushsouthafrica 

Ocean Salt -Face & Body Scrub

Which contains: 

💖Fine Sea Salt which scrubs and cleans. Which is perfect for removing dead skin. 

💖 Organic limes to brightsn up your skin. 

💖 Avocado butter to soften your skin. 

Loving this product used its about thrice already and skin feels amazing after every use.  Really a great product and will definitely repurchase.

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Garnier’s Perfect Blends For The Ultimate Results



Oh my word this range of shampoo and conditioners really do what they say!! I started out with The Strength Restorer Shampoo & Conditioner  which is tailor made for fragile and damaged hair, as I was struggling  a bit with hair breakage. So it was the ultimate go to shampoo and conditioner to grab at the launch of this amazing new range from Garnier Ultimate Blends.

This range is enriched with Honey, Royal Jelly and Bee Propolis. It is perfectly blended, which leaves fragile and damaged hair feeling and looking healthier and stronger after the first wash!

This heavenly honey scented range leaves hair smelling amazing after every wash, and I’m all for yummy smelling things.

My second purchase from the range was one I was a bit hesitant about, as I’m not really a coconut person (the smell repulses me, to be honest). I literally stood in the aisle smelling the shampoo again and again. But when looking at what it claims it will do to my hair, I was sold! Trusting that  if it does what it says, then it’s the answer to my ultimate hair dilemma. So I purchased The Sleek Restorer , From Ultimate Blends, because who doesn’t want their hair super-sleek and smooth to the touch.



It instantly became my new favourite go to shampoo and conditioner because it so killed my frizz prone hair,  leaving my hair luxuriously smooth and shiny after every wash. This powerful tailor made blend is carefully crafted with Pure Coconut Oil; which promotes smoothness and Cocoa Butter which is renowned for nourishing virtues.

And the fragrance was something I quickly got use to after seeing the remarkable result.

It’s a definite must try ladies.