Face & Body Liquid Gold

B.O.N. Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil

B.O.N. Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil is enriched with vitamin E and contains a unique blend of natural oils such as avocado, grape seed and rose hip oils that nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

It’s a clinically proven face and body oil which sets out to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, ageing and dehydrated skin.

B.O.N Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil packaging has a fresh and clean look, which comes in an easy to open transparent spray bottle in the following sizes: 15ml, 50ml (cute travel size bottle) , 100ml & 200ml (family size bottle)

The tissue oil has a non greasy, easy absorbing formula which did not leave my hands and body feeling sticky or oily after application. It has a very light scent which was tolerable for me during the first trimester of my pregnancy (as I couldn’t handle fragrances those first few months)
it’s also safe to use during pregnancy, on infants and its suitable for sensitive skin too.

My major skin concerns were dehydrated skin and stretch marks. B.O.N Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil really moisturise my dehydrated skin and helped nourish my stretching bump.
I will definitely purchase B.O.N. Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil again as it kept my skin hydrated, improve appearance of scars and left me with no stretch marks after pregnancy (every girl’s dream) so thank you to B.O.N Liquid God Pure Tissue Oil and my great genes😊

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