Keep the Frizz at Bay with John Frieda- Frizz Ease

John Frieda – Frizz Ease

Nourishing Oil Elixir

With Argan Oil it Nourishes & Smoothes hair with 2x frizz fighting power.

This has become my go to hair product since last year…

It can be used on wet or dry hair.

I use it after a wash and before blow drying as well as after blow drying hair. 

It works great for keeping that frizz at bay.

Hair feel soft, smooth and nourished after every use.

This bottle last quite long, I have mine for about a year. So its definitely worth the price. 

Will be repurchasing this product, its a must have…


Garnier’s Perfect Blends For The Ultimate Results



Oh my word this range of shampoo and conditioners really do what they say!! I started out with The Strength Restorer Shampoo & Conditioner  which is tailor made for fragile and damaged hair, as I was struggling  a bit with hair breakage. So it was the ultimate go to shampoo and conditioner to grab at the launch of this amazing new range from Garnier Ultimate Blends.

This range is enriched with Honey, Royal Jelly and Bee Propolis. It is perfectly blended, which leaves fragile and damaged hair feeling and looking healthier and stronger after the first wash!

This heavenly honey scented range leaves hair smelling amazing after every wash, and I’m all for yummy smelling things.

My second purchase from the range was one I was a bit hesitant about, as I’m not really a coconut person (the smell repulses me, to be honest). I literally stood in the aisle smelling the shampoo again and again. But when looking at what it claims it will do to my hair, I was sold! Trusting that  if it does what it says, then it’s the answer to my ultimate hair dilemma. So I purchased The Sleek Restorer , From Ultimate Blends, because who doesn’t want their hair super-sleek and smooth to the touch.



It instantly became my new favourite go to shampoo and conditioner because it so killed my frizz prone hair,  leaving my hair luxuriously smooth and shiny after every wash. This powerful tailor made blend is carefully crafted with Pure Coconut Oil; which promotes smoothness and Cocoa Butter which is renowned for nourishing virtues.

And the fragrance was something I quickly got use to after seeing the remarkable result.

It’s a definite must try ladies.