Johnson’s Body Care Range

Hey there Beauties. Okay! So my blog has been up for almost two months and this is officially my first post (yipeee!) I do apologise for keeping you beauties waiting so long, however I was first trying to grow my audience a bit. 

So to tell you the truth; the thought of starting my own blog got me excited and nervous at the same time. But the thought didn’t leave me; until I started putting things in place. So I hope you enjoy my first post. Here’s to growing together from product review to product review. And please feel free to comment, like and interact with me as we journey together.

After seeing the launch of Johnson’s Body Care Vita-Rich Range  on Twitter, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on and see this range of soap and body wash in stores. Okay, and lotion but I’m not big on lotions. I’m more of a body butter kinda gal. 

I totally had to have and try out this new range of fresh and fruity fragrances soaps and body washes, because I love all things fruity and fresh. (Okay, honestly… I can’t stomach papaya (pawpaw)  it’s one fruit I just can’t eat.)

Johnson’s Body Care Vita-Rich Brightening Body Wash & Soap with pomegranate flower extracts  

Well, I just love pomegranate and to have it in a soap bar and body wash is just amazing. The pomegranate aroma is so fruity and fresh and the soap bar loathes very nicely.

Johnson’s has really delivered a great selection of fruity fragrances soap bars. Which are all infused with fruit extracts and protecting oils. The soap actively cleanses and helps to revitalise your skin. Leaving it feeling soft, smooth and looking healthy. 

I also add the following soaps to my basket; @Dischem for under R10

  • Replenishing Soap -with Raspberry extracts
  • Brightening Soap -with pomegranate extracts
  • Revitalising Soap -with grape seed oil
  • Smoothing Soap -with papaya extracts 

They all smell amazingly fruity and fresh.

Johnson’s Body Care Vita-Rich Revitalising Body Wash & Soap with grape seed oil 

And the following Body Washes, I got at Dischem for under R20 on special.

  • Brightening Body Wash-with pomegranate extracts
  • Revitalising Body Wash -with grape seed 

The fragrances of the body wash range is just as good and lathers well. Really enjoyed my bathing experience with Johnson’s Body Care Vita-Rich Range

Have you tried the new range yet? 

What are your thoughts?

What’s your favourite fragrance in the soap/lotion/body wash?